Sunday, January 22, 2012

catching up...randomness

Yikes, it's been 3 days since I blogged?!?!!! There's been a lot going on, but I had no idea it had been 3 days! Look HERE...this day last year I wrote that post. It was our last night in our previous home. Ugh...I HATED that place! I love our home even more now than I did the first day we moved in and I LOVED it then! It may have something to do with the fact that there are more little bodies inhabiting this home than there were last year...not sure, but I know that when we leave this home (not anytime soon hopefully, but someday we'll HAVE to!), it will be hard and I will want to remain in this same neighborhood!

Sean is recovering amazingly well from his surgery. I must eat my words...he hasn't been that bad of a baby at all! He even took the boys out for a little over an hour today so I could do some turbo cleaning! It was wonderful and I forget how much I can get done when I'm not taking care of children in the process. :)

My voice has been almost gone and really raspy sounding these last 2 days because of a cold. Tate has looked at me at least once a day these last 2 days and said, "Mommy, you sound like Cassie." Ha. I kind of do, but I don't think her voice is this raspy all the time. It's driving me nuts!

We had DeCooks over last night and ate pizza and wings and just hung out. Lora and I even drank decaf with yummy creamer and whipped cream on top. MMMMM! :) It was nice to just hang out and the kids played and played and then CRASHED in the livingroom while watching a movie. Well, not Tate. However, he made James carry him to bed and then never made a peep again and went right to sleep. That's rare for him.

Have you ever drank Vanilla Coke Zero?!?!!!! Oh should, it's Sean and my new favorite. YUM-O!

We got whole house DVR the other's kind of amazing. Loving it!

Someone anonymously came over to our house to snowblow our walkway and sidewalks yesterday while we were not home. Seriously, SO NICE! And if whoever did it is reading have NO IDEA how much that helped us. THANK YOU!!!

I think that is all for tonight...


Candi said...

All sounds pretty good in your household and nothing pleases a mom more!!:] Nighty night guys!! Glad Sean is doing so well, too! :)

connan said...

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