Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cruise day 7- the last day

We soaked up the ship on the last day since we were at sea. We laid out in the sun, got in the pool, went down the water slide and did a lot of activities the ship offered.  Oh and we ate...a lot. 
Sarah and I did a towel folding demonstration and learned how to fold towel animals!  We bought the book...can't wait to do them at home for the boys!

Sarah and I also got a bit (ahem...extremely) obsessed with this machine in the casino.  We had so much fun playing it and made quite a scene with our screams when we would win like a dollar.  It was so funny!

Before our last dinner on the cruise...bittersweet.

Sarah couldn't decide what to order! lol

And we had lots more laughs!

And acted silly...

Our staterooms... 

Sean won the EA Sports Trivia...he won a bunch of stuff including a bottle of Champaign and an Xbox game, an Under Armour backpack, tshirt and hat.  Oh and a medal, and a plastic piece of ship on a stick. ;)

All of Sean's loot from all of the stuff he participated in...

The show on the last night...

It was CRAZY WINDY that night.

The boys played in the wind...

We had the most incredible cruise!

Cruise day 6 - Jamaica

Jamaica was our favorite port! We climbed over 900 feet of waterfalls at Dunns River Falls and then traversed across a course of 8 ziplines in the mountains. We don't have any Dunns River Falls pictures yet since our underwater camera hasn't been developed. Here are some shots from ziplining though!

Sean was in adventure mode and decided to do some vine swinging after our ziplining. :)

Sarah and I in front of one of the many HUGE bamboo plants (or are they trees?) that were in the jungle!  They were unbelievable!

Before and after the ziplining course, we hiked through the jungle.  It was crazy beautiful!

Our 2nd formal night was that night.  We didn't know there were two formal nights...we only packed for 1.  So we didn't get quite as gussied up for the 2nd one.

Our wait staff danced to Gangham Style during dinner for entertainment.  It was fun!

Loving gazes..ha. :)

Ocho Rios, Jamaica in one word...INCREDIBLE!!!!

Cruise day 4 and 5

Day 4 was supposed to be in Belize, but since our itinerary changed, we lost a port and ended up at sea on Day 4. We were determined to make the best of it. Good thing we were on a gigantic cruise ship with countless activities and things to do!
We played games the ship offered, we even played cards just the 4 of us, Sean and I participated in a trivia about the states and got 2nd place (hence the medal on my neck).
I lost a dollar on the slots...
We had yet another amazing meal and enjoyed our relaxing day together...

There was a Mardi Gras party that night that seemed like 100's of people went to.  It was a fun atmosphere!

Oh and we got to watch one of the NBA Finals games on the big screen.  That was so awesome to do!

The next day was Grand Cayman!!!
(these pics are out of order...oops)

We did Stingray City which was incredible (pics below!) and had a great dinner after resting a bit from being exhausted from a day in the sun and on the ocean.

We got silly at dinner on a regular basis. :P

Pictures from Stingray City!
I've done this 5 times in my life now and it is equally exciting and amazing every time!

Sarah got bit by a stingray...for reals...

Grand Cayman might be my favorite place in the world...
 It was an incredible day and we were excited for a different type of excursion in Jamaica the following day!

Cruise Days 1,2 and 3

Right after boarding the ship, we started to explore everything!
The other ship that was leaving, sailed past us and then we took off!

It was amazing to leave the Port of Miami and see Southbeach and just relax and explore the ship!

Day 2 was at sea and we hung out and participated in activities and then got gussied up for formal night! :)

There was a GORGEOUS sunset that evening, so we went to the top deck and took pictures.

Dinner was fun and delicious every night and we always had great company with these 2!

A sunset like this in the middle of the ocean is incredible!

Day 3 was Cozumel, Mexico where we swam with the dolphins!
I've always wanted to do this and it did NOT disappoint!

We even got to ride them!

It was a beautiful day again with just a short rain shower while we ate lunch.  The boat was ROCKING bad that night and the waves were huge.  I didn't feel sick, it was just a little bothersome.  I longed for solid ground.
We THOUGHT we would be porting in Belize the next day...we didn't know that we've be getting a change of itinerary that night at 10:30pm because the port authority closed the port at Belize because of a tropical depression.  We were so disappointed we wouldn't get to see Belize or Honduras, but had no idea that we would be so happy to be redirected to Jamaica instead!  More on that in a later post... :)