Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cruise day 7- the last day

We soaked up the ship on the last day since we were at sea. We laid out in the sun, got in the pool, went down the water slide and did a lot of activities the ship offered.  Oh and we ate...a lot. 
Sarah and I did a towel folding demonstration and learned how to fold towel animals!  We bought the book...can't wait to do them at home for the boys!

Sarah and I also got a bit (ahem...extremely) obsessed with this machine in the casino.  We had so much fun playing it and made quite a scene with our screams when we would win like a dollar.  It was so funny!

Before our last dinner on the cruise...bittersweet.

Sarah couldn't decide what to order! lol

And we had lots more laughs!

And acted silly...

Our staterooms... 

Sean won the EA Sports Trivia...he won a bunch of stuff including a bottle of Champaign and an Xbox game, an Under Armour backpack, tshirt and hat.  Oh and a medal, and a plastic piece of ship on a stick. ;)

All of Sean's loot from all of the stuff he participated in...

The show on the last night...

It was CRAZY WINDY that night.

The boys played in the wind...

We had the most incredible cruise!

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