Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We bought a house....again!

Two years ago YESTERDAY, our offer was accepted to purchase our current home.  We believed we would raise our boys here.  We loved our new home and couldn't wait to live here for many many years to come.  Boy how things change!  We had some problems with the the school district here and decided that for our family and our boys' specific needs, we needed to get into a different district.  We researched neighboring districts and spoke extensively with each of them and picked Pleasant View District as where we wanted to move.  Things moved quickly after that!  We looked at several homes and fell in love with one and put an offer in contingent on the sale of our house.  It was accepted and we listed our current home within 2 days and had 2 offers on it within 2 weeks.  We accepted an offer and scheduled closing for 30 days!  EEK!

It's been a whirlwind!  We are excited and sad and overwhelmed.  We so love our home here in Davenport and will miss a lot of things about it, but are super excited about our new home as well.  We are moving into a neighborhood that is amazing and into the exact school district within PV Schools we hoped to find a home within.  We are sacrificing some square footage in our new home, but that was to be expected as our current bedroom situation is beyond excessive.  Each of our boys has a gigantic bedroom space that we knew we wouldn't be able to find in a new home.  We are also sacrificing a bit of yard space...our current home is on a double lot and though our new home as good yard space, it is much smaller than our home here in Davenport.  All things considered, we are feeling so grateful that we got into the location that we did and that we will FINALLY have an attached garage.  Ha.  It's the little things, people! :D  We look forward to being in this amazing neighborhood and only a couple of blocks from our boys' elementary school where their cousins also go to school!  We have visited the school more than once and know without a doubt that for our family, this school is going to be incredible.  Cason will be attending preschool at a separate elementary school in the district which we just can't say enough about.  The difference in the preschool he will attend compared to where he would have attended here in Davenport is like night and day.  It is just such a relief to us that he will be in such a great environment!

So the next few weeks will be nuts.  We are moving into our new home on Good Friday...the 18th of April!  We are thrilled that aside from some paint and minor cosmetic changes to make it our own, the house is move in ready.  We are anxious to get the move over with and get settled into our new home!

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Yikes...it's been a month!

And a crazy month!  We have listed our house, bought a house (contingent on the sale of ours) and spent time with Wes in the hospital and then spent time at home with him while he continued to be sick for what seemed like forever.   I need to post more details of everything soon, but have a list of things I need to do for now!  More later...