Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Our Colorado Adventure! (better late than never!)

A couple of weeks ago, we returned from a fun family adventure to Colorado!  We'd been talking about heading that way for years now and this summer was the year!  Unfortunately, we felt as though it would be best to leave Cason in Iowa as he likes his regular comforts and can get distraught in new situations.  It turned out to be a good choice for everyone!

We started our trip with a few nights in Denver...

We hit the aquarium, the Museum of Science and Nature and downtown Denver.  We ate at lots of fun restaurants and didn't have a schedule...no naps, no solid plans...it was wonderful!

The aquarium was so amazing...they even had mermaids!

The shark tank was all of our favorites!

Feeding the stingrays was pretty exciting too!

One evening we just decided to go for a drive and it was so beautiful that we pulled over on the side of the road and got out to explore and take a few pictures...

Look at all those bison!  The boys loved seeing these guys!

There is something so incredible about the Rocky Mountains...so gorgeous and breathtaking.  Pictures don't do any of the incredible views justice...

Prairie Dogs!  So cute...there were SO MANY!

Probably my favorite part of the trip was the day we headed up to Winter Park for the 2nd half of our trip and stopped at Red Rocks Park and hiked.  We had the boys dressed for the anticipated low 70's, upper 60's temperatures we'd be feeling in winter park because we didn't plan to hike so far (parent fail on our part because it was HOT HOT HOT during our hike...and they were in pants...yikes!), but just kept going because it was so incredible!

The views, you guys....man!  I love this place!

The boys were "ON TOP OF THE WORLD"!

We hiked over to the amphitheater...

The only thing that would have made it better were if we were actually there to see a concert!  That place is incredible!

On our way back to the car, we saw this fella just chillin' in the shade!

I don't have many pictures of our Winter Park adventures because I put the camera down and actually took part in the fun, but we had a blast!  Winter Park Resort was an all day adventure that the boys loved beyond words!  It ended on a not so great note after Sean had a serious wipe out on the alpine slide and got quite injured....lots of road rash and a cracked rib.  YIKES!  I also got a sunburn on my face...a really bad one.  That being 1 mile and a half closer to the sun is serious business!

This sunset was our last night...it was the PERFECT ending to an incredible trip!

I have never seen a more beautiful sunset!

The boys were so sad to leave...they said they want to move to the mountains...I get it.  I have the itch too!
It was such an amazing trip!!!

Monday, July 06, 2015

Summa Summa Summa TIME....

I love summertime!  This summer has been super fun so far and we have lots more fun ahead of us!

I got to meet these 2 beauties for lunch a few weeks back and we spent a couple of hours catching up and reminiscing about high school...when did we become 30 somethings?!  I will say, my 30's have so far been the best years of my life!  So fun getting together with high school friends!

I've got to spend lots of time with my friends and their adorable kiddos.  I tired PhiPhi out this day!  Adore this girl so much!

Lisa got me a selfie stick, so we had to test it out.  LOL

We spent a weekend in Kansas City for our tradition where we take our nieces and nephews on a trip for their 10th birthdays.  We went to Oceans of Fun, Worlds of Fun and Sean took Bode to a Royals/Red Sox game.   Such a fun and special trip!

Tate and I got a one on one date while they went to the baseball game!

Lots of sliding and swimming happened...such a fun weekend!

We returned in time to celebrate my amazing husband and father to my boys and my awesome dad with a fun Father's Day!

I am so fortunate.  I have the best family in the world...

The weather heated up and we got the water table out for Cason...turns out the big boys liked it too!

Cason has figured out the concept of the "selfie"...cutest thing ever!

Our big boys have actually spent some time playing TOGETHER and getting along this summer!  It's a summer miracle!

Gotta love girl time...especially when it's with this amazing niece of mine!  Oh, Ayla...I adore you!

And it wouldn't be a good day unless some of it is spent with our talking to this lady!
She works so hard all year and life gets busy so we take FULL advantage of the summers...pool time with the kiddos, lots of texts and phone calls.  I hate when she goes back to work.  HATE IT!

The 4th of July has become our holiday.  We have a super convenient location for fireworks which means no searching for a parking spot and lugging a bunch of stuff for blocks and blocks to find a good view.  We have a perfect view of the Bettendorf fireworks from the field just 3 houses down from us!  We love having our friends over for the 4th...but first, let me take a family selfie...

A patriotic and YUMMY trifle!

My big boy...

My girls...adore each of these girls as they are such an important part of our village.  The friendships I have with them are so precious to me.

This winter, we are even taking our first girl's vacation to Florida...plus a few other amazing women that will be joining us!  Can't wait!!!!

And nothing says "I LOVE THE USA" like drinking a Modelo on the 4th of July! LOL

And to think that all of this was just the first half of the summer!

We leave tomorrow for a family vacation to Colorado for week.  Sweet Cason isn't going as he just simply can't deal with most public places.  His 2nd Mommy and Daddy, Lora and James are keeping him for us for most of the time and Sarah and Mike will be keeping him over the weekend.  I just can't say enough about how grateful I am for the DeCooks and the Peakins for all they do to help us...we are so blessed by them and thank God to call them all family!  They love our kids so well...we could never repay them for all they have done for us!

Upon our return from Colorado, we will be fitting LOTS of pool days in at the DeCooks and Peakins' neighborhood pools, I have filled my schedule with photoshoots and appointments and hopefully we will fit in several of the items on our summer list before Sean and I leave for an incredible vacation just the two of us!  I can't even believe it...I have wanted to experience all that St. Lucia has to offer for YEARS.  I met someone from St. Lucia in 1999 and she spoke of her country in a way that made me want so badly to visit it!  So we are!!!  An 11 month late 10 year anniversary trip will be spent with my amazing husband for a week in the beautiful St. Lucia!!!  I.CAN'T.WAIT!

Loving summer and soaking it all up!  Hope you are too!!!