Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More Posts To Come...

Well, obviously I haven't been the best at keeping my blog updated. I had no digital camera, so pictures are limited. I had to count on only pictures that I have emailed to me and half of those were from events that I wasn't involved in or from other family members' blogs. Also, we have been in the process of getting ready to move this weekend, so I have been very busy, not to mention that we only have dial up internet and it takes FOREVER to do anything with dial up! I am happy to tell you that Sean and I just purchased a digital camera and will be moving into our new apartment this weekend and will have high speed internet by Sunday! I'm already camera happy and have taken a TON of pictures which I will post this weekend or early next week.

The last 2 days, I watched Bode and he is a little angel!!!!! The pictures I will be posting are of our shopping trip with Melissa and Landon. Bode and Landon always get to hang out together on Mondays because Melissa and I both have Mondays off and that is our 1 day a week that we get to spend time together. Since I watch Bode on Mondays also, that gives the boys a play day as well! They really get trained on their shopping skills when they hang out with us. They LOVE shopping as much as we do! :) Anyway, you'll see in the pictures that I will be posting that they are extremely well behaved! They sit in the front of their seperate shopping carts and just hang out and laugh and talk, but I captured the cutest moment of them holding hands while our carts were butted up side by side! It was adorable! I can't wait to post the picture so you can all see it!

This weekend will be a crazy, but fun weekend. Paul and Cassie and the kids are coming so that Paul can help us move, and now Mom and Dad are coming too! Also, Sara Knutson will be coming down with the girls to hang out and see Brigg, Lani and Bode and then Melissa said that she might stop by with Landon after work as well. It is going to be a ZOO at the Stewart residence with all of the children, but it will be so fun and cute to see them all together interacting! And we are so excited to finally be back in DSM!

Well, I had better go get packing! I'll be posting again about the weekend in a few days and will hopefully be able to have some pics of the weekend along with the post! :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This is our new neice Leah Elizabeth. She is an absolute doll!!!! I just wanted you all to see her. We miss her already and can't wait until this weekend when we will get to see her and our new nephew, Tyler again. They are only 24 hours and 58 minutes apart and Leah nearly doubles Tyler in size. I wish I had a picture of Tyler to post on here, but I don't at the moment. I will post one as soon as I get one! Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2006

A Crazy Weekend

Well, we had a crazy weekend as usual! It was a lot of fun though...we got to see our new neice and nephew. We drove to Cedar Rapids on Saturday night and visited Sara, Travis and our new nephew Tyler William. WHAT A SWEETIE! He was a little angel! Every time I have a new neice or nephew, it's hard to imagine that I could love it as much as I love the ones I already have, but then you see it for the first time and realize that you DO love it just as much. It's so amazing!

We stayed in a hotel in Cedar Rapids that night and stopped by to see little Tyler one more time before we headed up to Waverly to visit our new neice, Leah Elizabeth. On the way up to Waverly, we stopped in Cedar Falls and ate lunch at Pepper's. While sitting at the table, we looked up to the top level of the restaurant and were surprised to see Tom and Donna Burback and Lisa, Tony and Macy Borglum! We chatted with them and decided to visit the Borglums and see their new house after we were done seeing Leah. We headed up to Waverly and saw the little angel...and yet again, Sean and I were amazed at how much you can fall in love with someone in just a few minutes! She was a total sweetheart! We are so lucky to have the most adorable neices and nephews!

After visiting Leah, Sarah and Mike Peakin, we headed back to Cedar Falls to see the Borglums. We just hung out and chatted and then decided to give Macy her first haircut on a whim! Anyone who knows Macy, knows how big of a deal this was!!!! She was great and sat sooo still and now has the cutest little bob haircut!

After that, we headed home and watched our TV shows (Sunday nights are the best!) and then crashed. WHEW! It's Monday...the start of another busy week.

I will be posting pictures of the new babies in our lives as soon as I can get around to it! Talk to you all soon!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


So, the first sale of our house fell through and within 24 hours, we sold our house again! We now know that NOTHING in selling a house is official until closing. Well, closing for us isn't until the end of March, but things are looking good so far and we anticipate a smooth ride until then. Thanks to all for all of your prayers, I whole heartedly believe that the prayers are what made this happen! So again, we are relieved.

We rented a place in West Des Moines that we will be moving into in a couple of weeks. It is a 2 bedroom apartment that is much smaller than our house, but it's cute and perfect for us right now. We aren't looking forward to the move, but will be lucky to have the Knutsons helping us get all of our belongings down there. Jeramie's muscles will help us, as well as Sara's van and I am sure Delaney and Olivia will lend quite a helping hand as well! :) Ha. We are definitely anxious to be back in Des Moines and no longer have to commute to go to work, dinner, grocery shopping and whatever else we do on a daily basis. Looking forward to less time in our vehicles, that's for sure!