Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cruise day 6 - Jamaica

Jamaica was our favorite port! We climbed over 900 feet of waterfalls at Dunns River Falls and then traversed across a course of 8 ziplines in the mountains. We don't have any Dunns River Falls pictures yet since our underwater camera hasn't been developed. Here are some shots from ziplining though!

Sean was in adventure mode and decided to do some vine swinging after our ziplining. :)

Sarah and I in front of one of the many HUGE bamboo plants (or are they trees?) that were in the jungle!  They were unbelievable!

Before and after the ziplining course, we hiked through the jungle.  It was crazy beautiful!

Our 2nd formal night was that night.  We didn't know there were two formal nights...we only packed for 1.  So we didn't get quite as gussied up for the 2nd one.

Our wait staff danced to Gangham Style during dinner for entertainment.  It was fun!

Loving gazes..ha. :)

Ocho Rios, Jamaica in one word...INCREDIBLE!!!!

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