Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cruise Days 1,2 and 3

Right after boarding the ship, we started to explore everything!
The other ship that was leaving, sailed past us and then we took off!

It was amazing to leave the Port of Miami and see Southbeach and just relax and explore the ship!

Day 2 was at sea and we hung out and participated in activities and then got gussied up for formal night! :)

There was a GORGEOUS sunset that evening, so we went to the top deck and took pictures.

Dinner was fun and delicious every night and we always had great company with these 2!

A sunset like this in the middle of the ocean is incredible!

Day 3 was Cozumel, Mexico where we swam with the dolphins!
I've always wanted to do this and it did NOT disappoint!

We even got to ride them!

It was a beautiful day again with just a short rain shower while we ate lunch.  The boat was ROCKING bad that night and the waves were huge.  I didn't feel sick, it was just a little bothersome.  I longed for solid ground.
We THOUGHT we would be porting in Belize the next day...we didn't know that we've be getting a change of itinerary that night at 10:30pm because the port authority closed the port at Belize because of a tropical depression.  We were so disappointed we wouldn't get to see Belize or Honduras, but had no idea that we would be so happy to be redirected to Jamaica instead!  More on that in a later post... :)

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