Monday, January 30, 2012

We're still here...

It's been crazy. I feel like I JUST blogged and I look and it's been close to a week?!?!! I promise to go better. I am going to try and blog each night before bed.
We have been going through some delayed adjustments with our little Tater this last week. He's struggling a bit with some of the changes in our lives. It's so hard to watch him struggle. He is craving attention from us I think and will do anything to get it...whether it's positive or negative, he doesn't care. He's been getting a lot of negative attention from us this week because he is pushing our buttons big time. I know he's going through a lot so in addition to the fact that he has been frustrating us to no end this week, we know it's ultimately because he's struggling and that makes me so sad.
I am feeling that it's time for another date.
Or something, not sure what.

Oh how I love this boy so much!

Sometimes I feel like such a failure as his mother.
I need to do better. It's a balancing act, really. And we may be adding one more thing that could throw the balance off again. Eek! More on that if it ends up happening.
Sean is recovering long as his surgeon clears him at his appointment tomorrow, he'll be back at work full time on Wednesday. It's been SUPER nice having him home for 2 weeks! However, it's thrown off my routine at times. It'll be nice to be back into a routine.

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Nice shirt, Tate! :)

Grandma Shingledecker