Friday, July 25, 2014

My Diet Update

I'm happy to say that Sean and I are both still going strong on this Paleo diet...hopefully lifestyle change.  There is freedom in throwing out the scale...figuratively, not literally.  Though I totally would throw it out...Sean wants to keep it.

I have no idea if I've lost weight, but I feel like I have in my clothes a little.  I feel good...I feel so good!  I don't know the last time I had a headache!

When I want a donut, I grab a banana or some sort of fruit and if I feel like that won't satisfy me, then I assume I am not actually hungry, but bored instead.

I miss cheese and milk...dairy in general.  Ranch dressing...oh, I love ranch.

I am kind of over missing out on certain beverages like I was missing them in the beginning.  I have only drank water and green tea since July 3rd...oh and those Vodka Tonics...and I know, Tonic Water is far from Paleo, but we'll just act like it's Paleo because I'm not giving up a little bit of alcohol...just sayin'. :)

So I'm going strong...though I need to work out...I know, I know.  That's coming next.  Soon...I hope.

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