Monday, July 14, 2014

I threw away the scale...

Okay, well not literally because Sean still uses it, but I will not be using it.  I have committed to not weighing myself more than monthly (for now) after my first "weigh in" didn't yield the results I was hoping for.  I feel amazing...AMAZING!  Seriously, it's incredible how eating this way makes me feel!  I have more energy (soooo...maybe it's time to start working out), I am less tired, no headaches, no indigestion, no swelling (I often get swollen feet).

I am committed.  I need to make a lifestyle change and I feel like I want THIS to be it.  I don't want to yo yo anymore, I don't want to do fad diets that make me lose weight, but don't make me FEEL this good and aren't realistic to maintain, I don't want to be a slave to the scale, I want my life to be healthier...for me!  I want to feel good on the inside and feel like I look good on the outside.  I want this to be my time to make this change.  I NEED this to be my time to make a change.  Soooo, 10 days in and still going strong.

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