Monday, June 23, 2014

Florida with The Barry Family

We've just had the best trip so far!

Our time with our great friends, The Barry Family has come to an end.  I am sitting in a silent home while everyone is sleeping and when we wake up in the morning, Jamie, Dave, Jaxson and Asher will be gone. :(  It was such a fun trip with them!  It's always a little nerve racking when you travel with someone new for the first time because you just don't know if it'll "work".  You know?  Like do you travel well together?  Do you enjoy the same types of things on vacation?  I wasn't THAT worried with Jamie because we are so much alike in a lot of ways and are always brutally honest with one another.  And it turns out there was nothing to worry about!  We make great travel companions. :)  Looking forward to vacationing with them again in our future!

The boys (there were a LOT of boys in the house on this trip!) got along great and played non stop!  We did a lot of fun things and kept really busy.  We will miss having them down here, but look forward to the 2nd half of our vacation with Brandon!  Lots planned for the next week!

So here are some pictures of our time with The Barry Family!

Before getting on our air boat tour at Myakka State Park...

Jamie and I did a lot of this...

Always smiling, this one!

These two are just really good buddies!

I'm not going to lie, there was some attitude wasn't all smiles and joy!  Tired boys all around a couple of the days!

Jaxson's sweet smile...he was willing to flash it for the camera almost the entire time...aside from the day we did their family pictures! lol

Cason and Daddy...

Can you spy the turtle?!

The sunset at Nokomis Beach the evening we went to the drum circle...

Dipping their toes in the sea while listening to the beating drums of the drum circle on Nokomis Beach...

Tate loved listening to the little groover couldn't keep still! :)

Nor could this one!  He is in love with the ocean and the beach!

The 3 biggest...

Sweet Jaxson...

Since my boys wouldn't do great for a picture together, I thought I'd capture the willing subjects!

Man they're cute!

Seriously LOVE this shot of Jaxson and Asher!

Blessings being handed out after the sunset at the drum circle...

My little Ergo loving Cason.  He LOVED the drum circle and loves the beach and ocean as well!

It was such a great time with The Barry Family!  Lots of fun, lots of laughs, lots of sun and great memories made!  Thanks for coming down guys, love you!  Let's do it again soon!!!

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