Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Special Vacation

Several months ago, we talked to Brandon about flying him down to Florida for a vacation with us.  He was game and we started planning!  We have spent LOTS of time with Brandon over the last 7 1/2 years, but it was always short spurts of time.  Tate is always excited to see him and sad when he leaves and then starts asking when he gets to see him again shortly after our visits.  We decided that it was about time he and Brandon got lots of uninterrupted time together.  Tate has been so excited and counting down the days since we told him that he would be going on a whole week long vacation with Brandon!

It's been so great.  Of course, I have taken hundreds of pictures to document this special trip! 

Tate was attached to Brandon from the second he arrived...

And Brandon is always so amazing about including Wes and Cason too.  He's just a great person and ALL 3 of our boys are blessed to have him in their lives!

It just never ceases to amaze me how perfectly orchestrated this adoption story went.  How God made such an amazing thing out of this incredibly hard time.  He always knew this is how it would be...we know that.  We are so blessed to not only have Tate as our amazing son, but to have an additional family member in Brandon who we love so much as well!

And the fact that Tate has a father's love from 2 incredible  It's just such an amazing and rare blessing!

These two love each other beyond words...and they have so many uncanny similarities!

It's just so cool that Brandon is a part of Tate and our lives, but it's even more awesome when he gets to take part in things that most birth fathers don't get to be a part of because of the short spurts of time they get to spend with their children.  For example, tonight Tate lost a tooth...he was scared to pull it out.  He asked me to go get the tooth pillow (I brought it because it was sooo loose when we left and I KNEW it would come out on vacation!) so Brandon could help him pull it out.  Brandon sat with him and coached him while he worked on getting it out...

And wouldn't ya know, he got it!  And Brandon was there to witness it.  It's a small thing, I know...but it's so cool that he was hear for something like that!

And then he helped Tate rinse the blood out of his mouth while I took pictures! lol

 Then, we went into Tate's room and prayed together in his bed.  Brandon tucked Tate in and will be able to again for the next several nights.

It's hard to articulate how awesome this whole situation is.  It's something that many struggle to really understand.  It is our story...and I love our story.  I love how things in our family have grown and worked out and how we get to be a part of this amazing gift from God!

Going to bed feeling so unbelievably blessed tonight!

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