Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Georgia Aquarium

When Tate was about 18 months old, we had some flight issues on our way home from FL and ended up staying the night in Atlanta for a night.  Sean said when we were there, "I think the aquarium here is pretty nice, we should maybe go."  We didn't end up going, but have wanted to since then!  Well, it only took about 6 more years and boy am I glad we went!  It.was.amazing.

The kids had the time of their lives...even Cason!

I never knew Manta Rays were so gigantic!
That is Tate in the bottom corner of the picture...he was amazed by everything!

Even just the regular fish were awesome to the boys! :)

Cason loved every second of the day...well, aside from the absolute terror and fear he felt for 5 minutes (until I took him out) of the dolphin show.  It was a dramatic show with loud booms and strobe lights and all kinds of things that are hell on earth for this one! lol

The boys loved the sea otters!

There were all kinds of tunnels that people could crawl through and then poke their heads up in the middle of an exhibit to get a closer look...Sean enjoyed that too!

The whale shark is like Georgia Aquarium's "thing"...and you just can't get a good idea in's not possible.  They are the biggest fish in the sea and SO GIGANTIC!  These were over 25 feet long and NOT full grown...they get to be 50 feet long...the size of a school bus!!!  There are 3 of them at the aquarium.

Those fish swimming by this one are huge...the picture is deceiving.  This whale shark makes that huge manta ray pictured above look small!

I don't know what it is about jelly fish, but they're always among my favorites at aquariums...such amazing creatures!

Cason was really in awe of them too!

The boys in one of the tunnels look at me through an aquarium.  They had so much fun!

Pure awe...

Here Sean is touching a hammerhead shark.  I love the boys' expressions as they watch him!

Tate ended up touching the sting rays, but Wes wasn't into it!  He just enjoyed watching them.

Tate could have pet the sting rays all day!

And Wes wasn't easily lost in the "Sea Monsters" exhibit! LOL

It's amazing how many children on leashes we saw.  So funny to me!

It was an incredible day and a great drive down to Florida!  The boys truly could not be better never talked or complained or said anything much the whole time (thanks to our DVD player and movies!) unless they had to go potty.  Tate read for hours, the littles napped, they all looked out at the scenery.  They were just perfect.

We pulled into the driveway of the house and I turned the car off and the boys said, "Why did you turn the car off?!?"  I said, "We're here!"  Tate said, "OH!  Already?!  Yay!!!"  Already?!?!  It took us 2 1/2 days!!! LOL  Funny boys!  Tate then jumped out of the car and said, "I love it here, this is my favorite place!"  Yup, it's one of mine too, bud!

We walked up to the door and were greeted by an adorable tree frog which excited the boys tremendously!  I was carrying Cason when we walked in the front door and no joke, plane as day, Cason broke the silence with a perfectly pronounced, "NIIIIIICE!"  as we were walking in the front door.  I died laughing!

Everyone is sound asleep and I am heading there now!  Feeling so happy and relaxed and ready to start our vacation NOT on the road! ;)

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Jared B. said...

I absolutely love the silhouetted jellyfish shot. Nice Pics!