Monday, August 12, 2013

My 1st Grader and Preschooler: 1st day of school!!!

Today was the day!  We were all ready!

Tate and Wesley had a great morning and went off to school with huge smiles on their faces!

I thought I would be full of ONLY JOY, but I must admit...I got a little teary eyed.  I mean, they're just getting so big...and we are so blessed by these boys!

He just looks so grown up to me!  And the high tops...oh my, they are so him!

1st Grade!

Wes has grown up so much since his 1st day of preschool last year too!

And he wants to be JUST like his big brother...hence the 1 held up for 1st grade! Ha!

And I must say, the backpack suits Wes!

This picture makes my heart want to burst!  I mean, I said, "let's get a picture together" and Tate went right over and put his arm around Wes.  This is a big deal, people.  They don't exactly get along swimmingly.  This morning, they were both so excited that they didn't bicker once!

My crazy Wes!  Watch out preschool...he is a HAND FULL!  Love him!


There is a new bus service this year.  Wes was not nervous at all!  He was SO EXCITED to get on that bus!

I walked Tate up to his class this morning.  He showed no nerves.  I was pleased and a little surprised by this!  It helps that he has this familiar face in his class.  Love that he and Kiley are going to be in the same class this year!  They were both so adorable this morning...and this is when I felt like I wanted to cry...

So proud of my boys.  They are both SO DIFFERENT and have such different strengths in school.  I am praying it is a great year for the both of them!

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