Monday, June 03, 2013

family play time

We had such a wonderful evening and night tonight. You know, it's funny how sometimes you plan things that you know will be special and make memories and sometimes those things end up being great, but often times all of the anticipation and hype leads to a let realize that it didn't turn out how you invisioned. Then, you decide to go outside and light a fire, eat some s'mores after dinner and just play and tell stories with your kids and it's one of the most wonderful nights you can remember having. That was tonight.  We had so much fun, laughed a ton and just hung out as a family.
Here Sean is giving the boys a lesson on flipping...
It was pretty hysterical...

I couldn't stop laughing!

And then the  boys just did their thing on the trampoline... 

As of late, Tate's new thing is doing cart wheels on the trampoline.

This one had the time of his life tonight.
More than once he said, "this is the best night EVER!"

And Wesley's face and smile can light up any room...or any yard in this case!

Aside from the ridunculous amount of gnats in our yard who came to join in the fun, it was a great time and the weather was PERFECT!

Oh my, I love this family of mine!

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