Thursday, May 30, 2013

Schooooool's out for SUMMER!

I am done with photo sessions until after our cruise. I have 2 weeks from TONIGHT to get the rest of my sessions edited and disks mailed so I don't have any shoots outstanding before we leave.

Before my session last night, I managed to snap a few pictures of the beautiful flowers at Duck Creek Park. :)  In an effort to have this post be a little more interesting, I will sprinkle a few of those pictures into it.

This one is my fave...
SOOOOO, it's been 2 days since Tate had his last day of Kindergarten.  I could home school him...I won't, but I could.  For a couple of reasons...he LOVES to learn.  It's all he wants to do.  He wants me to have homework for him every morning,  He loves learning.  The other reason is because I LOVE having him home.  I mean, I missed him this year!  So happy I get to have him home for the next 2 1/2 months!

I can't wait for Wesley to be done with school for the summer too!  He won't be done until the day before we leave for our cruise.  It will be SO NICE to get away with just Sean, but I know we will miss the kids so much and be READY to see them and enjoy time together doing lots of fun things this summer!  We have all kinds of things planned and posted on our "Summer List" that is clearly on display on the large chalkboard in our kitchen.

Among many other things, some of the bigger things we hope to get checked off our summer list this year are Camp Cassie for Tate while Sean and I along with DeCooks have a fun weekend in Chicago complete with a trip to IKEA.  Also, the boys want to tie dye t-shirts, go to the Drive In Theater, go hiking, bike riding and swimming, make pudding pops, grilled bananas (with chocolate chips and marshmallows and smores, Tate wants to start taking hip hop dance classes,  Wesley will likely learn how to ride his bike without training wheels and Cason will hopefully start walking!  We plan to make a few trips to the zoo and have a few sleepovers as well as a night in a hotel just because the boys begged for that!  I'm sure much time will be spent outside on the trampoline and in the playhouse and we will get the sprinkler and slip n slide out several times.  Oh, and they boys are BEGGING to have another shaving cream party, so as messy as that is, it will likely happen again this year!

See?  It will be a FUN and BUSY summer...we are used to busy (and fun for that matter), so we should do just fine! :)

Hope you all are ready for summer fun too!  Isn't summer the best?! :)

SOOOO glad it's finally here!


Candi said...

YAY... now if the storms would just END !!!

JamieLynne said...

Umm.... can my kids just go stay with you for the summer bc I have a feeling that is waaaaayyyy better than anything I have planned??