Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

Today was Teacher Appreciation Day. And boy do I ever appreciate teachers!
I have so many family and friends who are all incredible teachers and I see first hand just how hard they work, how much time they take away from their own kids to make sure our kids, MY kids are successful.  So today we gave Tate and Wesley's teachers some plants.
Tate chose to give Miss Jeannie herbs.  We went to 3 different stores before he found the perfect pot he wanted to get her.  I think he did a great job!

He was so excited to give Miss Jeannie her gift!  He adores her with all that he is.  And we think she's pretty great too!  He has THRIVED in her classroom when we were so worried about how he would do.  We love her.

So we planted basil, rosemary and thyme for her...

And I had Tate write on the heart,
"Some herbs for season and spice..."

"Because you are so nice." :)

And Wesley give his teacher a pot of pretty yellow flowers.
He wasn't as willing to let me photograph him, so you only get one picture of him.  Cute nonetheless. :)
 Love my boys!  LOVE their teachers!

Cason will be seeing his teacher on Thursday, so she will get her gift then.  My boys are so blessed to have the best teachers!

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