Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Tate Funnies

I could write multiple funnies down that Tate says each day!
Here are a couple that were said in the 20 minute drive home tonight from Mike and Sarah's house...

Tate was singing some song that goes something like this...

"Can you add a new sound a new sound a new sound, Can you add a new sound, "B" into "us". "  And then I would say, "bus!"  So he was going through doing that with the body parts he has learned at school like lungs, heart, liver, etc.  Then he sang "B" into "astard" .  I was like, "WHAT?!?!  Where did you hear that word?!!!"  He said, "You know that part of your body that holds your pee until you pee it out."
OHHHH, BLADDER!  Um...that's a little different than bastard!  I was dying laughing!

Then, still on the body part subject, he asked me, "Do mommies and daddies have kidneys too?"   I said, "yes, they do...everyone does!"  He said, "Well that's just silly, theirs should be called parent-neys, not KIDneys!"   And he was totally not making a joke, he was dead serious!  He cracks me up!

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