Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Riding Bikes

Tate has never been the best bike rider. Like I am unsure he will ever ride without training wheels...ever.  He might be using training wheels as a teenager.  He is just too nervous and scared and NOT coordinated.  Now Wesley...he may learn to ride without training wheels this summer.  I will say, however that Tate has suddenly this year become so much better at riding his bike.  It's nice to see him sort of catching on.  And he now ASKS if he can go out and ride where last year we had to make him!  I love these boys...
Wesley has completely grasped the concept of the balance bike.  He does SO WELL on it!

Tate was pretty proud of his balancing on his bike too.  Ha!  (he has a balance bike as well, but does not have the coordination to ride it at this time).

We are so happy that we can send the boys outside to play again!

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