Sunday, March 10, 2013

Random thoughts before bed...

I had an unexpected surprise this morning when I awoke much later than usual and realized I hadn't been awakened by a child babbling through the monitor.  My peaceful surprise turned to panic when I realized the monitor was not sitting on the table in our room as usual and I immediately jumped out of bed thinking that my child had been awake for possibly an hour or 2 unattended because I didn't have the monitor in my room.  When I darted out my door, I heard Sean's voice talking to the boys who were in the living room with him.  He was supposed to be working and so I knew he'd gotten called off because of low census.  I was relieved. :)  It was nice to get to sleep in a little bit later!

I got ready and headed over to Lora's house to photograph Sophia smashing her cake because she turns 1 soon!!! :) She is a DOLL and the pictures were so fun to take.  Following that, I spent some more time with Lora and then came home and edited some of Phi Phi's pictures before church.  After church, DeCooks met us at our house and we hung out until about 11pm just chatting.  We won't be seeing them for a couple weeks since we leave for Florida in less than 48 hours (EEK!) and that is a long time for us to go without spending time with them.  The boys were thrilled to play with the girls and as the time grew later, we just decided that we would keep Ava for the night.  Tate and Ava went up to bed, Sean headed to bed (he has to work in the morning) and now I am in a silent house.  It's nice.  I should go to bed since we lose an hour of sleep tonight though!

My mind is racing with making sure everything is packed for vacation while also the house is ready for our contractor to come in and renovate our basement and tile our main level bathroom while we're in Florida.  I am a bit overwhelmed and just can't wait until we've landed in Florida and can relax!

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