Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Wessie


Oh boy, I could go on and on about this one!  Wesley is more full of energy and personality than any other child I've met!  He  has been through so much in his life...more than most adults go through in their entire life.  He still smiles bigger and laughs harder than anyone.

He tests  He wears us out, he tries our patience and pushes our buttons, but he gives the best hugs and kisses, he brings a vibrance to our family that we can't remember what life was like before we had it, he loves fully and unconditionally.  We love him so much and don't know how we survived without his laugh filling our home!

Strange that he's only been with us for 10 months!  It seems like he has been our son for so much longer.  January 10th last year was the day my phone rang and on the other line was Wesley's worker telling us that they wanted to meet with us about possibly adopting Wesley.  We had JUST gotten 2 weeks before that.  We were shocked and overwhelmed and worried...we knew though that Wesley was supposed to be part of our family, we knew from the moment we saw his picture only 5 months before that.  The time between January 10th and March 8th when he moved in with us for good was a complete whirlwind.  Fitting, because Wesley is kind of the whirlwind in our house! :)

Wesley is really athletic, he loves balls and running and jumping and flipping and doing headstands and jumping off of things.  He is hardly ever sitting still.  However, when he's done for the day, he is DONE.  He goes to bed like a champ, he naps like a champ.  He never cries or whines at nap/bedtime once we leave the room...he just goes right to sleep!  And that kid can sleep through anything!  He switched to a toddler bed on his birthday (December 4th) and hasn't had a single issue with it.

Wesley loves school, loves riding the bus, loves airplanes, trains and cars.  He got an iPod for his birthday and he loves putting on his headphones and dancing around the house.  He loves Gangham Style and Moves Like Jaggar. :)  He adores his brothers and loves being with them.  I think more than anything, Wesley loves attention...he loves being the center of attention, loves making people laugh.  It's hard not to notice him...he is a gorgeous child and full of life and just can't miss him and he has a face and personality you don't forget either!

Wesley is ours...we prayed for him since the first time we saw his face.  We hoped that God had it in his plan for him to be our son.  I STILL sometimes can't believe it, I feel so blessed to be his mommy!

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