Monday, January 14, 2013

Our baby...our Cason.

This boy is amazing...he is a miracle and an incredible gift.  He came to us on Christmas Day last year...what a special gift!!!

Cason is 2 today (more on his birthday festivities later)...he is a fighter.  When he came to us, he couldn't roll over, sit up, say anything aside from "ahhhhh" and there was question as to what he would ever do physically, how he would develop mentally.  He couldn't eat any solid foods, pick up food or hold toys for more than a couple seconds. 

Today, he is a different child.  He jabbers all the time, immitates almost anything we say, he eats like a champ, he crawls, pulls himself up to stand and cruises around furniture.  He will walk, he will talk, we know all of this now.  It was likely he wouldn't live after he was shaken at 7 weeks of age, he was blind for quite some time and it was thought that he may never see again, he didn't use his left side barely at all.

Since day 1, he has been the most laid back, smiliest, joyous child I have ever known.  He is always happy and for the longest time, NEVER cried.  I mean, it was concerning for a while because literally days and days went by before I ever heard him cry.  He is the most easily calmed child when he's upset...which is a rare occurance anyway.  He has a way of making everyone fall in love with him instantly...a stranger at the grocery store, his doctors and therapists and all of our family and friends.  He is so easy to love.  He laughs all the time and is just so loving.  He snuggles into anyone who will let him and I haven't met anyone who hasn't let him! :)

He is a joy to parent.  It is unbelievable to me still that I am going to get to be his mommy forever!  He loves fully...everyone.  He adores his brothers and cousins and aunts and uncles, nanas and papas.  He has a way of showing everyone how much he adores them.

We don't know how we ever survived without his little personality in our family.  He is incredibly loved and I would be perfectly happy if he stayed just like he is right now forever.  However, that isn't going to happen because he is developing in leaps and bounds which is awesome!

God knew we needed Cason, he knew we could handle his needs when we were questioning our abilities.  I am so incredibly honored to be able to call Cason my son.  He can brighten my day in an instant, he can make me laugh when I want to cry.  He had my heart from day 1 and I cannot express in words the love I have for him.

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Happy Birthday Cason :]