Friday, January 11, 2013

Graduate School

So for at least a year or so, Sean has been stewing and fretting about furthering his education.  He seriously considered Anesthesia school for the longest time...really, up until something in his heart told him not to send his application to the U of I, he was planning on applying about 7 months ago.  From then on, he really began exploring his options and thinking long and hard about what he wanted.

To make a long story short, he applied for Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Illinois-Chicago this week.  UIC has a campus in Moline and he will be able to continue working in his current position while attending school if accepted.  He would be starting in the fall and it is a 3 year program.  Yikes.

He is really excited at this possibility and I know he will be accepted.  He is an incredible nurse and will be an amazing Nurse Practitioner.  I am not going to lie, that 3 years of schooling is going to be difficult for all of us I'm sure.  We will make it through.  I am so proud of Sean and blessed that he is such a hard worker...I know he is doing this all to better our family.  I love him.  Period.

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JamieLynne said...

Good luck Sean! (and Jennie!) I know I was so proud of Dave when he decided to go back to school when Jaxson was born but it sure was a busy, stressful time. I wish I was closer to help you because I know how hard it will be with three!! If anyone can do it though, it is the two of you for sure.