Wednesday, January 09, 2013

My Tate

I think I want to dedicate a post to each of my kids.
Today, it is Tate.

I know all of you parents out there know exactly what I mean when I say something as simple as, "I love this kid so much."  I do, but to say I love him doesn't do justice to my feelings.  He frustrates me and knows how to push my buttons, but he also makes me burst with pride and joy.

He is so quirky and funny and loving and sensitive and in our home, he is the most comfortable, the most himself.  He is able to open up and let loose ar our house...there is a side of him that I see every day that almost no one else ever gets to see.  I wish everyone could see that side of him that we get to see all the time.

Tate likes routine, he likes what he's used to...take him out of that setting or add another person to the setting and he begins to shut down and wants to be alone.  Eventually he will warm up usually, but it takes time.  He's always been like this since he was a baby.

And seriously, I just can't get enough of how beautiful he is.  Inside and out.  He has dimples and beautiful eyes and great hair and the definition of a button nose!  I look at him and melt.

Tate is so smart.  He loves letters and numbers and school.  I love that he loves school.  He adores his do we.  I was so worried about how he would do in school, but he is doing great.

Tate loves music and dancing.  I believe I may have even talked Sean into allowing me to put him in a dance class.  He wants to take a hip hop dance class...again, he likes structured dance.  He likes having moves that his is supposed to do and is very picky about getting his moves right. :)  It's pretty darn adorable!  He loves playing Dance Central on his Xbox and if he is listening to a song on his iPod that is on his Dance Central game, he will only do the moves to that song that he was instructed to do on the game.

I could go on for hours about all of the things I love about Tate.  Mostly, I love that he is my son, that God has allowed me to be his mother and that I get to live with one of the coolest kids in the world! 

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