Saturday, December 29, 2012

Stewart Christmas 2012

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas came and went this year!
We kicked off Christmas with a few days in Muscatine at my parents' house.  Santa brought the boys' gifts there.
The big boys got Balance Bikes and some nice loot in their stockings...
Cason got a little walking toy from Santa that he loves!

The boys were all so excited in the morning to go upstairs and see all of their gifts from Santa!

Tate was extremely excited about Dance Central 3!

Then, we opened gifts that we got the boys and each other.  Tate opened his new Twister game and started playing right away!  He's pretty good!

We hung out all day with family and that evening we opened gifts from Nana and Papa...

The kids were all thrilled with their head lamps.
I am unsure why Tate has to make the craziest faces for pictures, but it's just "him".
Silly kid...

Wesley got a Sit n Spin!

Then, the boys spent the next day out in the snow with their new sleds!

It was such a great time.  We got to spend time not only with the cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings and my parents, but my 95 year old grandpa, my 2 uncles (one whom lives in California and we rarely see) and my aunt, uncle and cousin from Des Moines made the trip.  There's just nothing like spending time with family on it!
Thank you to my parents for hosting everything!

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