Saturday, December 29, 2012

Peakin Christmas 2012

We kicked off the Peakin Christmas on the evening of Christmas Day. We hung out, chatted, ate tacos and the kids played.
Tyler and Tate slept in his room and stayed up WAY too late...they had a great time though!
The next morning we did our Christmas gift exchange, ate brunch and the kids played the morning away.  We got a large canvas for Pat and Linda again this year since the one we got them last year was before 2 important little boys were part of the family.
Cason was excited to be in the picture this year. ;)

I want this canvas for MY wall! this picture!  Wish you could see it better...the plastic is still on it here, so you can't really see the shot very well...

Then, all the kids opened gifts...everyone was so excited about all of their presents!

Then there was more playing and running around for the kids.  They love spending time together!

It was a great day and so nice that we were able to host it!  I love hosting gatherings in our home...I love that I have a home that fits enough people to host these gatherings!

After everyone went home, we packed up and headed out for our mini vacation to Grizzly Jacks Grand Bear Resort which was they boys' big Christmas gift this year.  Taking the boys on a little getaway just after Christmas as their big gift has become an annual tradition that we look forward to continuing for years and years to come.  Hopefully as time goes on, these trips will be longer than just a couple of days!

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