Saturday, December 15, 2012

can't think of a creative title for this post...

Cason is sick...he has some sort of stomach's icky.  Weird thing is that he has no fever at all...just vomiting and diarrhea.  So sad.  :(

Wesley had his 4 year Well Child exam on Thursday...he is in the 13th percentile for weight and the 20th for height.  He is healthy right now!  He got his immunizations (the ones that he can have at least) and was very tough. If his immune system wasn't compromised, he would have needed his Chicken Pox booster this time.  It's just so frustrating to me, the topic of immunizations.  I  won't get into it too much on here because it's just not worth it, but I get so angry that my child's life is at risk because of these awful viruses that go around.  Viruses that shouldn't be seen anymore because of our access to immunizations.  Viruses that Wesley will never be able to be immunized for because of his medical condition.  And that's all I have to say about that.

Counting down the days until my big cookie exchange!  And it is going to be much bigger than last year!  I had 11 people last year and it's looking like I will have about 21 this year!  Eek!  So excited!  It is something I look forward to doing and will continue to do annually.  It was SO FUN last year.  It is my way to create a fun, girls night for my family and friends at a busy time of year that often time is overwhelming and stressful.  We acquire our desserts all in one night that we can give as gifts to friends, coworkers and neighbors or serve at our Christmas gatherings while also getting a few hours of stress free fun!  I plan it for months...literally!  I so love getting spend this time with all of these wonderful ladies and I am hoping this little party is a tradition for years to come!  I love throwing parties (got that from my mom!:)).

I wrapped some presents and put them under the tree...this kind of feels like it was a mistake to do now that all I hear every 15 minutes is, "Can't I just open 1 gift?!  Pleeeeeeeease!!!!"  Ugh.

I am so excited about all of the Christmas cards I've gotten from family and friends!  I think we've gotten 20 now. :)  I created a card wall in our kitchen on our magnetic chalkboard.  I drew a huge tree on it and covered all of our magnets with Christmas wrapping paper to hold the cards on the wall with.  It looks so fun and it's one of the happiest places in my house I think!  I love seeing the smiling faces of all of our loved ones every time I am in the kitchen.

We have to put the gate at the bottom of our stairs in the living room now.  Cason is ALWAYS on the stairs otherwise.  He can only go up and fall down them...hasn't figured out how to slide/crawl down them yet.

Our garbage disposal broke.  I went YEARS without one and yet it's killing me to have gone the past few days without it now that I am used to it.  I was spoiled by it.  We need a new one STAT!

I have a major laundry situation that needs addressed...I seem to always have a major laundry situation that needs addressed.  It's so annoying.

That's it for tonight!

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JamieLynne said...

I'm sorry to hear the flu is at your house. I had it twice in two weeks. Awful. Get well soon.. :)