Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Stuff I like...

Isn't this the cutest Scentsy burner?! I LOVE it and I want it! The orange color would be perfect in my house and it is their new Charitable Cause Warmer - Champion which benefits the Special Olympics!  LOVE!  I need a countertop sized warmer now that we have a bigger house and the small plug in ones just don't quite cut it to scent up my whole house very well.
I saw this on Pinterest several months ago and NEED to know where to get it or else I may need to make it because this MUST hang in our home. 

On a more pricey note...we need a new mini van STAT!  Ours feels as though it might die at any moment.  We hope it lasts until the spring when we can get a Toyota Sienna...for now I will drool over this picture.  Who would have ever thought I would be drooling over a picture of a mini van?!?!  NOT ME!  I'm not afraid to admit it...it is currently my dream car...for reals.

And this beautiful Kitchenaid 5 burner gas range with double oven will be mine later this week!  I can hardly contain how excited I am!  Unfortunately, it will not be delivered before our bit weekend gathering...good thing I am not really baking anything anyway!

 The funniest thing about this post is I am SO SWAMPED over the next several days...like stretched way too thin, have no idea how I am going to be able to get everything done kind of busy.  So why am I blogging such a random post?!
yup...that's why.

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Gina Spivey said...

The hawkeye print is made by
I don't know if she has any in stock but she can make one for you. Hope this helps.