Friday, September 07, 2012

One of the most productive days...ever!

Seriously.  We got SO MUCH done!  So much that I can finally say we are completely unpacked!  Woohoo!  We are hosting a large gathering this weekend to cheer the Hawkeyes on to victory while also celebrating Sean and Olivia's (our friends the Knutsons' daughter) birthdays.  We have a large house (well, it's large to me because I never have lived in a 2800 sq ft house, but to some that's not large...ha.) and have all kinds of space to host said party that will include 22 people. HOWEVER, our basement was full of boxes.  Seriously, the kids had never been down there.  Like never...for reals.  It was crazy ridiculous and it was a HUGE undertaking getting it cleared out and organized.  It's DONE!  And now we have a large, open space for the kids (or adults if they want) to hang out and play.  When they boys got home from school, I brought them downstairs and they were honestly disoriented.  Tate was like, "WOW, I have never been down here...I didn't know there was another livingroom in our house!!!"  He played the rest of the night down there.  Ava was here after school and when she came down, she said, "For real, I didn't even know you had a basement."  She did.  She said "for real"...because she's hilarious and talks like and adult...for real. ;)

In addition to the basement being cleaned out and organized and the floors swept and the Knutsons bedroom set up (with a fancy air, we also got our 2 new couches and our new chair Scotch Garded, curtains hung in the den, our piece of steel painted with chalkboard paint that we hung in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago, the trim we are putting around the piece of steel painted, our island reassembled so we have another eating area in the basement, 5 loads of laundry washed, folded and put away, almost 400 cans and bottles returned, Tate's black out shade hung in his room (he's had a towl hanging in his window since we moved in!) and in the midst of all that we had physical therapy for our baby, an extensive conversation with our middle's Nurse Coordinator at the U of I Hospitals in regards to some health things and a phone conversation with our lawyer who will be finalizing the boys' adoptions to smooth out some issues that have come up.  Also, much time was spent today on the phone with family, praying and mourning a tragic event that occurred this morning to my uncle and aunt.

Tomorrow I have a list a mile long as MUST be a productive day.  I have several desserts I am making, a fun little project I am putting together for the party to honor Sean (more on that later), a package to mail to Brandon, Tate's birthfather who shares a birthday on Monday with Sean, picking up the boys rooms, cleaning the bathrooms, doing a couple more loads of laundry, I am buying our oven (woohoo!) and doing a major grocery trip to make sure we have everything we need for the weekend.  I honestly am still a bit unsure how I am going to get it all done, but I am sure I will manage...even if it means staying up LATE! Sean has a couple of things on his list to do tomorrow when he gets home from work as well. :)  He's been a machine today...seriously amazing. 

Saturday morning, I will be at the Farmer's Market when it opens to pick up some flowers I requested (more Sunflowers!!!) from my favorite flower booth Seeded Earth Growers and some fresh veggies for my chili before I head to Sams to pick up the cookie cake I ordered for Sean (his favorite).  Guests will start arriving around 10 am!  My plan is to have almost everything done so I don't have a lot of work to do while everyone is here.  SO looking forward to spending the day with our dearest friends...I know it will be a blast and we'll have lots of fun and laughs.

Not sure if you'll hear from me on here until after the crazy weekend...adios and GO HAWKS!!!

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