Tuesday, September 04, 2012

a gift for Mrs. Jeannie...

Tate loves school and loves his teacher. He is doing amazing! Really, I couldn't be prouder of him. :)  He is so smart.  He is amazing with numbers and letters and always has been, but now he gets to do activities with them all day long and that makes him so excited.  He is so close to being able to read already...it's crazy.  So the other day he said, "I want to do something super special for Mrs. Jeannie".  He wanted to "make something" for her, so I decided maybe she would appreciate something baked a little more.  So Tate and I baked a bunch of Banana Bread with chocolate chips.
Tate said he wanted to make Mrs. Jeannie a card so I had him tell me what he wanted to say in his own words, I wrote them down so we wouldn't forget in the long process I knew it would take to have him write them and then I helped him write it out by spelling each word for him.
It's about the cutest thing I've ever seen...
 I love that kid.  And I love that he loves school!

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