Monday, August 20, 2012


It's strange...for the first time ever, we are limited to the dates of when we can vacation.  Spring break, Christmas break or summer.  So we plan to fit things in for sure.  Originally, we thought maybe we'd do a cruise (no kids!) over spring break, but due to the fact that we really wanted to do that trip with at least 1 other couple and no one else was game this year, we had to think of something else.  So Florida it is. :)  Our 2 littles have never been.  I CANNOT wait to take them.  Especially our middle child...he gets amazed by almost everything new he sees.  He will love it!  We may drive, but since our middle is completely OBSESSED with airplanes and if we flew we could spend an extra couple of days down there, we may bite the bullet and fly.  It's looking like we will be down there alone part of the time, with my parents part of the time, with some friends part of the time and just this morning I found out that another set of friends is likely going to be down there at the same time in the same area so we will hopefully get to meet up with them as well!  Is it bad that I am already looking forward to our spring break trip and it's still August?!  Ha. :)

Hoping to squeeze in a couple of other weekends away between now and then.  I wouldn't mind doing a few days in NYC.  (MOM????  You in?  You ARE having a big birthday this year! ;)) We'll see. 

For right now, with my 2 oldest kiddos in school, I feel like I am on vacation right now!  I'm hoping that feeling doesn't wear off.  I mean, c'mon...I have time to the middle of the day!  Unheard of!

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sarak said...

I'm looking forward too:)