Sunday, August 19, 2012

and another one starts school...

Tate's 1st week of school went great!  He is goig to do really well, I think.  He loved it!

Our 3 year old starts his first day of preschool tomorrow!  Eek!  That means, I'll be home alone with the baby from 8-2 Monday through Friday.  Not gonna lie...I am pretty excited about this!  However, it will not be leisurely, that's for sure.  Our baby, as you all probably know, has several appointments per week, so it will just make things easier for me when it comes to those appointments since it will just be the 2 of us.  I won't have to lug any other kids with me, or keep kids out of the way when the appointments are at our home.  It will be nice.

I am also super excited that I can say I currently do not have any outstanding photos to edit from my shoots.  I just completed the edits today from my last shoot that I had.  It is such a good feeling to be free of editing for the next week or 2...that is unless I want to finally edit some personal pics!  I need to take some personal pictures to edit first.  I will be taking several of our 3 year old for his first day of preschool tomorrow, but unfortunately it will be a few weeks before I can post those! :)

I am looking forward to coffee tomorrow morning with a friend and then hearing how our middle did on his first day after school gets out.  For now, I better get things set up for his mini photoshoot in the morning! :)

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Nana P. said...

Best wishes to W. on his ventures in school.