Sunday, April 29, 2012

John Deere Pavilion...

We had a great day yesterday!  We had NOTHING on the agenda, loaded the kids up in the morning with some snacks and hopped in the car and flew by the seat of our pants all day.  We ended up at one point at the John Deere Pavilion.  Probably the BEST free place to take kids in the QCA...for reals.  It was awesome and the kids LOVED it!

It was a bit chilly so when we went outside, we had to keep moving, running and jumping to stay warm.  That created some great photos.  Wish I could share the pictures of ALL my boys, but here are some that I CAN share. :)

I love mid air shots.  I could never get shots like this with my point and shoot.  And seriously...his hair is great.  And he is just too much...

The giant combine was amazing...the boys were in awe!

And this one...well he was a spaz.  No other way to put it.  He is OBSESSED with all types of vehicles...trains, planes, trucks, different than what Tate was into at his age.  It's so interesting to see how different they are.  I love that I have a little guy that's into all that stuff now.  He is especially into airplanes.  I think Sean and I might take him to the air show this summer...he will freak out. :)  And honestly, it's fitting that he likes airplanes because I swear this kid can fly.  His feet are off the ground as much as they are on it.  About 75% of the pictures I took of him yesterday are like the one below...mid air.

And as you all know, it's been a struggle with this one.  It's been a lot of work, tiring, frustrating and just hard in general.  However, it must be noted that I had a "moment" yesterday.  Like a clear, world changing moment that I had yet to have with him.  One of those "I love you so much it hurts and can't remember my life before you were in it" moments.  Seriously people, this is huge and it was much needed and it was like a huge weight was lifted off of me when I felt it.  It gave me hope for brighter days.  Thank you God for giving me that moment at just the right time!

Here's to today being as wonderful as yesterday was!


Kerry said...

Oh Lord, I'm crying now. I know how hard we have to fight for those moments. That makes me so happy for you. You've worked hard for it; you deserve it. Now here's to many, many more :)

DrayaAnn said...

I saw your link on Kelly's Korner. I'm a QCA girl too! My husband actually works for John Deere! So your photos made me smile.