Monday, April 30, 2012

ADVENTUREbalm : for clean water

*********SOLD OUT*********

I know everyone loves some good lip balm, right?  This stuff is awesome.  AND, it's handmade in my friend, Leslie's home.  And how cute are those little tins with the slide off tops?!  Oh my, you must try it! ;)
I know many of you have heard me speak of or post about water before.  Also, I have posted about The Adventure Project on here a time or two as well.  I joined with some friends Leslie and Tesi to DO something...something that would make a bigger impact than donating a bit of money.  We are selling the latest craze...ADVENTUREbalm!  :)

ADVENTUREbalm is made of organic coconut oil, locally produced beeswax, vitamin E oil and peppermint. It's refreshing...just like clean water! And 100% of your purchase will go directly to the Adventure Project. It takes $550 to hire and train ONE well-mechanic. This ONE mechanic will go on to care for FIFTY wells. And that equals clean water for FIVE THOUSAND people!!

Your purchase, dear reader, will make a huge dent!! Plus you'll get to enjoy the product. Or maybe your mom will enjoy the balm...these would be perfect as a little extra on Mother's Day. Or for your gal pal's birthday. Or even a little hostess gift. And lest you think this balm is only for women...WRONG! :)  This balm does not discriminate...the minty, refreshing feel housed in a slide top tin is perfect for men and women alike!

Please consider purchasing a tin (or three!) of ADVENTUREbalm. It's an easy way to be a part of a great big beautiful solution.

--Make your donation HERE, directly to The Adventure Project. It's tax deductible and a super secure site. As you check out, we'll let you do the math. I trust you. 1 tin is $7; 3 tins is $15. (6 tubs is $30, 7 is $ get it!) Every penny you donate will go to The Adventure Project. We took care of the overhead so your donation will go directly to the source! Remember, go HERE to make your purchase.

--Email me or find me. I will either track you down and hand you your balm, or we will mail it to you, free of charge. If you're not local, just email me ( your address and we'll send it asap.

Easy enough!
Thank you so much for considering being part of the solution!

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Johnson said...

Thanks for posting on Kellys Korner today! I like to say that I grew up in Iowa! That is where my hubby and I lived for our first 6 years of marriage and LOVED it! I still have a ton of family out there!
We too are a Foster Family and it's nice to read a blog of people who understand. We just started this journey and have 4 kidos plus our 3 and it can be very challenging at times!