Thursday, March 01, 2012

It's MARCH! :)

I just keep thinking that we're going to make it...make it through this winter without me hitting that miserable stage...that "I'm so sick of this snow" stage. :) We'll see!

Tomorrow morning our family will ALL be together once again, but just for the weekend. :( And technically we won't all be together for much of it as it happens to be Sean's weekend to work. Ugh. Guess I should get used to taking care of 3 boys alone anyway. I am sure come Sunday, I will be SAD to have us all apart again...and likely super exhausted. Ha. Then, it's looking like we'll be together FOR GOOD on the 8th! Hooray!

I found "the stroller" that I want. It was a task to decide. I mean, reviews are NOT helpful whatsoever! I swear, people either LOVE it - it's the best stroller EVER, or the HATE it - such a terrible stroller, don't buy it! So whatever, I guess I'll return it if I don't like it. It helps that it's totally cute! :) Unfortunately they didn't have it in the store, so I had to order it online. I was super bummed about that because I really wanted it for this weekend. I had some things I wanted to do at the mall and our middle guy just cannot be trusted yet I don't think. I had visions of me running down the mall after him with a stroller and yelling for Tate to follow me as he lolly gagged behind paying no attention to my panic. Ya, I probably won't be doing my errands at the mall. I have discovered that our middle guy might be the reason that leashes for kids were invented...for reals.

We went to Aldi today and were bombarded by this woman outside of the front door who couldn't let us by because she was going on and on and on and on about our baby and how cute he was and how he's the cutest thing she's ever seen and so on and so forth. She had a large tattoo right across her chest that read "F&%@ the police" cursive, with a rose on each side. Seriously?! It was so strange and uncomfortable.

We had a couple of appointments today, lots of errands were run, I made breakfast for dinner, stocked our kitchen with groceries...I love productive days! :)

Lora and I went out last night with several of the preschoolers' moms from Tate and Ava's preschool. We went to Jersey Grille in Davenport. It was yummy...and nice to chat and get to know some of the other moms. :)

The house is quiet and it's March and that makes me happy.


JamieLynne said...

The Aldi story made me laugh. That is kind of hilarious...

Heidi said...

I own a "leash" backpack. Breleigh isn't a runner but it was a relief to know if I let go of her hand for a moment she would still be right with me. (she calls it her leash) ;)