Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My beautiful friend...

I think pregnancy is such a beautiful thing...and when paired with such a beautiful person, it is just amazing! I am pretty certain that's one of the reasons I can't get pregnant...I likely would have ruined the beauty that is pregnancy! :) Ha.
If you have read my blog much at all, you know Lora. Our friendship isn't even just that...she's like a sister to me. So today, I talked to her as she was driving home from work and said, "I want to come do your maternity photos...right now. Can I come over and do them?" Um, talk about last minute! She was a trooper and agreed and I showed up at her house (because she lives only a few houses down) before she even got home from work. James watched the kids, fed them supper, changed diapers and didn't complain while Lora and I leisurely took her pictures in their home.
Here are a couple, but go to MY PHOTOGRAPY BLOG HERE to see several more.

I mean, she had about 30 seconds to get ready and this is what she looked like.
I cannot wait to meet their new little bundle in only a few short weeks! Hopefully I am able to get that bundle behind my lens immediately when she's born.
Lora makes pregnancy look beautiful and easy...it was so much fun capturing it!

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Candi said...

One of my friends was here admiring these pics and I said I've NEVER looked that good... and my friend replied, I have....but I wasn't pregnant!! FUNNY!!