Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I'm not Catholic. I have never believed that I needed to give something up for Lent. However, I have been thinking about giving something up for Lent this year...you know, just as something that I can do to lean on Jesus or spend more time with Him during Lent...which hopefully will extend out into my life once Lent is over. I have been going back and forth with what I might want to give up. It hit me today...I have been "cheating" on my diet a lot. I have justified it because I haven't gained any weight because of it...however, I've lost very little due to it as well! I need to start running, but don't think that in the next several weeks that will be able to fit into my daily life without me giving up. So I decided I am giving up carbs...again. I mean, I still don't eat bread, potatoes, most sweets (I have been eating fruit lately), I don't drink milk or juice or regular pop, I drink sugar free creamer in my coffee...I've been pretty good. Not good enough. I am going to be back at it for the next 40 days. I am really going to have a tough time, I know it. However, when I feel weak, I am going to go to Jesus, not to carbs. I have realized over the last month or so that I eat my emotions and when I am emotional, I want carbs! So now, as I know I will be emotional over these next several weeks with all of the happenings in our family, instead of going to carbs, I am going to Jesus. He will give me the strength...I will need it!

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KP said...

I really like the way you look at Lent as turning to God for help when you have cravings, etc. It helped me to think of it in a more spirtual way. Thanks!!