Monday, February 20, 2012

I want calm...

Will I ever have it? I usually wouldn't say that I want it...I mean, I must kind of thrive on constant change and chaos and stress and a full schedule. However, I can say that over the last 2 days, I have been craving calm. The worst part about that is that we are going to be entering into a season where calm moments will likely be rare. I am sure I will cherish them when they show their face, but I am equally as sure that I will be wishing they would peek through the chaos more often.
I don't have any doubt that this path is the path we are supposed to second thoughts on the matter (I've been asked). At the same time, I am worried and scared and know it is going to be harder than I expected. The rewards will be worth all of the difficulty, I know that I will come out a changed person...most definitely our whole family will.
Until this weekend when everything changes, I plan to savor every calm moment I can and soak up our time together alone as a family of 4 while there are only 4 of us!

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