Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Santa came!

Christmas Eve night, Tate and I arrived home around 10:30pm from Des Moines. Sean and I put Tate to bed in our bed so that he couldn't get up in the morning and run out to see what Santa got him before we could catch him. :) After he went to bed, we got everything ready.

Santa enjoyed the special cookies Tate made for him and even left Tate a note. Tate was very excited about the fact that Santa left him a note!

I love the morning bed head and sleepy eyes while getting his Santa gifts! These little Angry Birds bean bags may be Tate's new favorite things...really, he LOVED these. This boy is easy to please!

He's going to be learning some new moves now that he has Dance Central 2!

After getting his stocking stuff and Santa gifts, we opened the gifts we had gotten for each other. Then, it was time to get ready and head off to Muscatine for Christmas with some very special people! :)

(And I can't NOT mention that we had 4 stockings this year!!!! YAY!) :)

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