Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What a special Christmas Day!

I am not even sure how to go about writing about our Christmas Day. It was incredibly special and memorable for so many reasons. One reason, is one of those things I cannot be specific about, but what I will say is that we got a new addition to our family and we are over the moon about it! :)

This Christmas, we spent the afternoon with Tate's birth family. We always celebrate Christmas with his birth father Brandon who we love and adore as well as Tate's Grandparents Marsha and Gary. We love all of these incredible people so much...they are our family. This year we got to add some family to the celebration and we were so excited about it! Brandon's brother and his wife and son joined us this year and Tate finally got to meet his Uncle Austin (Brandon's brother), Aunt Jill (Brandon's sister-in-law) and his cousin Ayden! Oh my goodness, it was amazing!

I am in love with these 2 pictures!!!

Tate with Grandma Shingledecker...

Tate and his cousin Ayden. These 2 had a great time playing together, laughing, talking and just hanging out. It's like they'd always known each other. It was so fun to compare and contrast (although there wasn't much contrasting to do as Tate and Ayden are so much alike!) Tate and Ayden. We found out that Tate and Ayden have the same hands...they got them from Brandon and Austin! Also they have many of the same habits. It was so nice to just chat and have a great time...it honestly felt like we had all been family for years!

Tate with his Aunt, Uncle and cousin!

There may have been a gift or 2 exchanged at this little gathering as well. ;) Tate was ECSTATIC about his Angry Birds shirt from Brandon! Seriously, he immediately removed his Hawkeye shirt and put on his new "favorite shirt ever"! :)

And he has been a guitar playing fanatic since he opened his Paper Jamz from Grandma and Grandpa!

I don't know, maybe he'll be a rock star some day!

It was an incredible afternoon spent with amazing people and eating way too much yummy food! Tate is so blessed to have so many people who love him so much!

Then, from this Christmas gathering we headed directly to get our biggest Christmas gift ever! ;) It was an unbelievable day. Emotional, wonderful, memorable...wow.

We will never forget Christmas Day 2011!

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