Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a meeting

We are hoping that these next 24 hours or so will bring an end to the stress and anxiety about what may be for our little family. We have an important meeting today at 3pm...a meeting that could determine where things go from here. We have a peace about it. We know that whatever is meant to be will be. We just don't like all of these unknowns. We really want to move forward from this no matter the outcome.

Again, please understand that I cannot disclose details. We appreciate all of the emails, texts and messages letting us know you're praying! We love that you all have been so understanding of my vague details and still continue to support and pray for us. We are so blessed by all of you!


sarak said...

keep us posted! I had a dream last night/morning at 4:00 am that I was going to quit my job and move to DAvenport so you and I could open up a photo studio. You do the outdoor photos and i do the indoor photos:) Jeremie had a job as a principal there too! :)

Jennie Peakin said...

Nice dream...let's do that. :)