Monday, December 12, 2011

Lora's Birthday Dinner...

Lora's birthday is Wednesday...she'll be 28(ish) ;).

We invited the DeCooks over tonight for a birthday dinner to celebrate her. It was so fun!

We had ham and asparagus and deviled eggs and potatoes and rolls and cake.

Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting. Um, it was good. Really, I forgot how much I like Red Velvet Cake!

The beautiful birthday girl...

Thank goodness they took the leftover cake home with them or I could have been in trouble!

We even lit candles and sang Happy Birthday!

And I have a feeling I know what she wished for...

...a Coach purse...

...just sayin'. ;)

I love this girl. She is family to me, she is there for me, she deserves so much more this birthday than a ham dinner and Red Velvet Cake.

Maybe a Coach purse???? Hello Lora's family...she wants a Coach purse! ;)

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Candi said...

Oh fun!! Glad it all turned out so good! I LOVE red cake too... :)but bet it wasn't any better than my yummy cake!! : ) Happy Birthday Lora, you have a great birth date too!! :)