Thursday, December 15, 2011

it went well and privacy

I don't think our meeting could have gone better. So here's the deal, we wait. Shocker, right?! Ya, not so much. We've done all we can we wait and see what happens. Hopefully we'll know more by Friday. :)

On another note...Privacy.

I am torn. I am not going to lie...I don't like reading blogs that are "private". I mean, I like reading them, but I guess I'm too lazy to log in every time I want to read them. So as you all know, even when details with our "situation" are smoothed out, I will not be able to disclose any information or post pictures on this blog until an adoption is finalized. This could take several months or even a year...who knows. I am toying around with the idea of making this blog private so that I can post pictures and details and all of that fun stuff. It would only be open to "invited readers". I know I have a lot of readers that I don't "know" and I read LOTS of blogs written by people I don't know. I love getting inspiration, encouragement, ideas, laughs, smiles and joy from these blogs. I would be so disappointed if many of them went private. I don't know what to do. I do write this blog for me and my family so that I have a record of our lives to look back on. However, I have "met" so many people through my blog that I never would have met if it had been private. I may try to keep it open and just avoid using names or pictures of faces in the beginning and see how that works...or maybe I won't. I don't know. I guess I just want you all to know that if my blog goes private, it will only be temporary. You would be able to email me a request to be added to the list of invited readers if that happened, but you would have to log in each time you wanted to read it. Unfortunately, with Blogger, you cannot just make certain posts private and some public. I wish I could because that would solve this issue. I have no plans of changing from Blogger so I can do that though because I love that this is the blog I've had since day 1. It makes it so easy for me to go through my archives that way.

I just wanted to give you all pre-warning and hope you understand if this is the decision I make for the time being.

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