Monday, September 12, 2011

Hitting the pavement running...literally.

I hate to admit it, but I haven't had a regular running schedule since June. More like, my regular running schedule has been to not run. I started it as part of my weightloss journey and I ended up really enjoying it and as an added bonus, it really helped me lose weight! Then, it got HOT and I decided I would take a "few week break" from it. Well that extended out longer due to busy schedules and pure laziness. It's amazing how much energy I had when I ran regularly...I loved it! I have really noticed in the last month and a half that I have felt tired and lazy a lot more. I needed to start running again...plain and simple.

So today was the day...I dropped Tate and Ava off at daycare, put on my running clothes and shoes and took off. And MAN it felt GOOD! I thought I might not be able to run more than a half mile before feeling winded and having to stop, but turns out my body hasn't had a long enough break to forget how to run. :) Yay! I made it a mile and a half (which isn't great, but I'll take it!) without feeling like I really wanted to stop. I probably could have gone another half mile, but thought I wouldn't push it too much right away. I think I'll do 2 miles tomorrow and stick with that for a while and hopefully work back up to that 3 to 3 1/2 mile point in the next 4 to 6 weeks. I would like to find another 5k to run in the area sometime in November. Are there even any 5k's in November???

Just in case I cannot find a 5k at a time that's convenient for me, I feel like I still need a goal. So I have set a goal for myself...I want to run 100 miles by Thanksgiving. That's not even 10 miles per week. I think I can do that. And just to hold myself accountable, I am putting a new addition to my sidebar where I will track it. Ugh. I hope I am not setting myself up for failure!

I am starting at today. Wish me luck!


sarak said...

Good Luck! We have a 5K here on Oct 9th I'm running in. You could always join me:)

Cassie said...

this sounds fun!!

Heather said...

There are a lot of 'Turkey Trots' in November. Muscatine Parks and Rec. has one and it is a 'predict your time' race so everyone has equal chance to win--and the prizes are turkeys! Super fun--it's the Saturday before Thanksgiving! The Muscatine Running Club also has a website with area races listed. Good luck!!!

Our Journey Without Naps said...