Monday, September 12, 2011

September 11th...

I can't put into words my feelings and thoughts from 9/11/01. Though it probably goes without saying, I will never forget. I will never forget where I was sitting, what I was doing, watching that 2nd plane hit. I will never forget that day, I will never forget how many people were lost that day.

I just sobbed for nearly 2 hours while I watched a special on History Channel about the events that day. It was a show that was a compilation of home videos and other videos from professionals from all around the vicinity of the World Trade Center. It documented from the moment the first plane hit until several minutes following the time that the 2nd tower collapsed. It was powerful and emotional to watch. I simply cannot believe that it's been 10 years already. It seems JUST like yesterday.

I blog to document my feelings and thoughts and I wish I could put them into words right now, but I just can't.

I will never forget.

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