Thursday, May 26, 2011

Preschool Roundup!

It's like in the last few weeks Tate has grown up so much!

He is just too sweet (most of the time!).

Today was a BIG DAY for him...he had Preschool Roundup!

We are super excited about the preschool he will be going to and mostly that he will have Ava with him in his class!!!

He was BEYOND EXCITED to finally dawn his backpack and go to school!

My goodness gracious...this picture just about makes me a weepy mess!

My baby is going to "school" in a few months! He wishes he were starting tomorrow!

He and Ava stayed super close to each other the entire time and I have a feeling that isn't going to be changing once they start going regularly (4 days a week starting at the end of August).

They got to do a "craft project" with one of their teachers after they met the other teacher.

Tate was such a big boy introducing himself and saying "it's nice to meet you Mrs. Christiansen".

My heart is ripping out of my chest thinking about him growing up so much!!!

Love these two to much, it hurts!

They were so proud of their flowers they decorated...

Then their teacher helped them put a "stem" on their flower and stick it in a cup with dirt that they planted a sunflower seed in...

This is what was on their flowers.

Tear. :(

And then they played with the multitude of fun toys!

They really preferred the kitchen and spent 95% of their time there. I see a glimpse into their future as husband and wife? ;)

And Chloe had a BLAST playing there too!

Oh Tate, how you have grown this last year!


I love you so much and am beyond proud to have you call me mommy. I know you will thrive beyond anything I am dreaming once you are exposed to this wonderful world of school!

Don't know if I'M ready, but you CERTAINLY are!

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Candi said...

Ohhhh SO CUTE! It looks like it's a good fit for him and he HAS grown up like overnight!!! They were both darling and Ava looks so old too! When did that happen?!? Sigh!!!!!!!