Friday, May 27, 2011

Foster Care/Adoption Class #1

Wednesday night we attended a Foster Care class that's required to kind of start the whole process. It was super informative, super exciting and solidified our feelings even more. We're all in people!

And just so it's out there...we are definitely hoping and praying that through this, we are unitied with our future children. From this process, we would love to adopt. We covet your prayers. :) We are not opposed to fostering children who may end up being reunited with their families, but have made it very clear what our intentions are. We were told that it is important to do so, so that we can be matched with the best children suited for us to parent forever if that situation were to arise.

This is all so new to us and we are really learning so so much! I will say that once we are at the point of bringing children into our home...names, pictures and details will not and cannot be shared on this blog. If we end up adopting any of the children, we will look forward to introducing you to them at that time.

We will certainly keep you posted as we continue on this journey!

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