Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I love K-Love!

I wrote this story that happened today on K-Love's Scott and Kelli Facebook wall a few hours ago and moments later, Kelli read it on air!!!

This is what I wrote and what she read:
We were at a play date this morning when my son, Tate (age 4) suddenly looked at me and said, "we should be listening to positive, encouraging K-Love". We have K-Love on our radio in our kitchen 24/7! Listening to it, he has learned of the devastating tornadoes and how so many effected by them need our prayers. He suggested to me a few moments ago that we should pray for "the people who had tornadoes at their homes." We stopped in that instant and said a prayer for them. Thank you for truly being the "positive and encouraging" reminder to my 4 year old and to our family!

The funny (and sad) thing is that I knew that they read some of the facebook posts moments after they're posted and so as the song that was playing as I posted it ended, I decided to video tape the radio just in case they read the post and they DID! I was so excited to have it on tape so that I could post it on my blog and let you all hear it! Unfortunately, in my excitement and shock, I messed up and didn't save the video on my phone and it was lost. :( Ugh...makes me sick! I seriously wanted to cry.

I'm kind of over it now, but still wanted to share what Kelli read. :)

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