Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm too lazy to come up with a creative post...

*I made meatloaf tonight and it was so yummy. It just hit the spot!

*I have been craving bagels for some reason. Darnit, why do they have to be full of carbohydrates?!!! No bagels for me. :(

*I feel like Sean has either been at work or sleeping for the last week! I miss him.

*I am excited for some sun...I hear it's coming!

*I vacuumed had been something like 2 weeks since I did it last...YIKES! It needed it bad! While I was at it, I washed the rugs in our kitchen, swept and mopped that floor, then headed to do the bathroom floor. There's something about clean floors that just makes the rest of the house seem so much cleaner.

*Actually, I had an UBER productive day of house work...I love days like that!

*Ayla will be with us during the days all week. Looking forward to spending some time with her...I missed her this weekend!

*Sean finally got his June schedule! HOORAY! The bad news is that he works the weekend of the Dam to Dam 5k I am running in Des Moines. :( I really wanted him to be there darnit!

*There's something about sitting down and organizing my life on a calendar that makes me feel calm. The same is true for organizing our menu for the month. I am chomping at the bit to do our June calendar and menu now that we have Sean's schedule...I won't be able to until next week though because I don't want to erase my May calendar yet.

*I am thinking about doing another giveaway on my blog, but am trying to figure out what to do it for. I have some fun things I'd like to give away though! :)

*We got our rebate VISA cards from purchasing our cell phones in the mail yesterday. I just LOVE that kind of's been so long now that it feels like we just got almost $200 of free money!

hmmmm...what else is going on...

*I am trying a new flavor of coffee. This is big news in our household! I usually have Starbucks Italian Roast which I cut with a less expensive, but still delicious coffee called Eight O'Clock (thanks for the tip, Leslie! :)) as to save us some money. Starbucks coffee is definitely one of the items we splurge on and just aren't willing to sacrifice. ANYWAY, I got a wild hair and bought a different flavor of Starbucks coffee...only I can't remember the name of it right now.

*Tate is obsessed with Angry Birds. Sean found a place online where he (meaning Sean...who is ALSO obsessed) can play it. Apparently Tate found out that there is a place online to play it and asked me if he could play it on the computer. I said, "I don't even know where it's at online, Tate." His response was this..."well, first you go to and then click on the box and type in Angry Birds." WHAT?!?! I told Sean he said that and he said that it's actually NOT at It was so crazy and funny nonetheless.

*Our house smells like Scentsy's Cranberry Muffin...seriously, the best scent yet that I have of Scentsy! YUM! Well, actually our bedroom smells like Scentsy's Luna and our basement smells like Scentsy's Sweet Pea and Vanilla. Seriously, I am in IN LOVE with Scentsy...and the smell of my house. :)

*This is fun...I kinda like bullet point posts. I don't have to worry about a creative way to transition to the next subject. It's the type of post I do when I'm feeling lazy or uncreative (is that even a word?)

*Tate loves the song Manifesto by: The City Harmonic. I love it too. It has The Lord's Prayer in it and he reminds me every time he hears it..."Mommy, LISTEN! This is the song with The Lord's Prayer!" So cute.

*I'm out of things to write. Goodnight!


Cassie said...

WHAT?!? we still haven't gotten our rebate from us cellular.
now i'm stressed that they are missing.

and my new fave scentsy scent is skinny dippin'!

Sara Bark said...

I'm impressed that you have 3 scentsy scents in your house that I don't even have! I need to get more! (Believe it or not!)

Jennie Peakin said...

Sara, I need a Scentsy closet like you! I have a Scentsy cupboard and that's getting FULL! :)

Heather said...

Sounds like y'all are a bunch of scentsy addicts ;) ha! love it! cassie i love skinny dippin too and jenny i am sooo glad you love cranberry muffin ;)